Dwarven Greatness

Dwarven Greatness

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Grimlang, Dwarlic and Helstrum

Here are my three main toons- Grimlang , Dwarlic  and Helstrum.

Grimlang- Landroval Human Guardian

Here's my guardian, from mighty Landroval. This is my current server, and one I really enjoy, so Grimlang is the toon I play the most these days.  Though he's a completionist- yea, he's done every single deed, quest etc. available from Ered Luin, Shire, Bree Land, Lone Lands and has just started Evendim... even the chicken session play and the Lone Lands bog lurker slayer deed!- he's slowly levelling  and I hope to have him reach Forochel in time for Christmas! :)  In the background is my sweet Dwarven home at 4 Stonemirk Street, Halmbrak, Thorins Homesteads, in front of which he roars for the camera! And it looks like he's not the only poser too... there's a mucky little cave claw pleased to have visitors! If anyone wants to visit, feel free, or drop me a mail on Grimlang if you want. :)

Dwarlic- Gladden Dwarf Champion

My dwarven champion Dwarlic! Dwarlic resides in Gladden, my old server, so seldom gets played much any more :( However, I do occasionally pull him out for a quick session, especially festivals and heroic screenshots- he was my first toon, as well as my current highest level toon, and I really hope I get back to him one day!  Here he stops for a quick pipe before delving deep into the Vile Maws lair.... will it be his last?

Helstrum- Gladden Dwarf Minstrel

My second toon on Gladden- and another dwarf! Long Live the Bearded Ones! Helstrum is my minstrel, and is currently exploring the icy region of Forochel. Brrrrrr!  In this picture he pulls a rather ridiculous pose- but who will see him? The snow?  Sadly, again, due to server arrangements  Helstrum also rarely gets much attention now, just like poor old Dwarlic. But one day, I swear, I will return to my loyal dwarven brothers! Baruk Khazad!

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